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Staying resilient and relevant has become more imperative for businesses now than in the last two decades. This demands quality at speed, whether in ensuring process throughput, uninterrupted uptime in business-critical systems, ensuring enterprise information security, or consistently maintaining the standards of great customer experience.

That’s where we step up, helping enterprises move the dot on 3 things – high availability & performance of business systems, consistent throughput in your business processes, and quality at speed for new business capabilities being deployed.


Opening opportunities

Assured stability and performance with AIOps

Start your journey towards NoOps. Drive peak business performance by utilizing actionable intelligence derived from historical real-time data using AI / ML technologies.

Assured quality of software releases with continuous testing

Increase the velocity and frequency of your testing by 2x with automation-led quality engineering and test data management to help you deploy releases with confidence.

Assured process execution performance with proactive monitoring

Ensure worker bots are running and performing to deliver expected throughput with supervisory bots for early alerts and business performance dashboards for operational health visibility.


Can the shift to quality engineering improve business outcomes?

Find out how we helped a leading commercial insurer align with its goal of becoming ‘the smartest underwriter in the world’ by achieving success in automation led Quality Engineering through continuous testing enablement and 100% test coverage.


increase in testing velocity and frequency


compliance issues

Chart a new course towards growth

Perfectly align your quality engineering efforts to customer expectations with SLK’s suite of offerings that help you assure excellent service and exceptional outcomes.

Business Change Assurance

Move the needle from quality assurance to quality engineering to enable product centric releases through continuous testing and automation, with over 90% automation coverage across the product lifecycle and technology stack, helping you reach zero critical defects and reduce overall QA costs. At SLK, we use our matured Discovery Framework, lean and Six Sigma-powered toolkit and automation-led intelligent infrastructure capabilities and proprietary AIOps platform to generate unique insights that help you fine-tune your operations for delivery excellence, every time.

Technology Change Assurance

Smooth over technology adoption and ensure your IT stack works as expected with rigorous testing and end-to-end assurance. At SLK, we help our clients leverage automation for quality solutions that stay abreast of technological disruptions. Our bot run testing capability ensures that you leverage and deploy new technologies glitch-free.

Intelligent Test Automation

Drastically change the time, effort, and energy required for testing and validation. At SLK, quality is not an act; it is a habit. With 400+ QE professionals automating 100,000+ test cases, our cost-effective quality engineering practise enables the faster adoption of industry trends and the timely delivery of maximum quality. We leverage lean quality principles, a shift-left philosophy, and cutting-edge technology to automate up to 100% testing for Agile, DevOps, as well as traditional software development.

Automate testing to consistently deliver excellence

Automate testing to consistently deliver excellence