Technologies Shaping the Insurance Industry in 2023

The insurance CIO’s role is undoubtedly evolving. While CIOs have been laser-focused on cost and efficiency, the new decade has ushered in fresh priorities. Incumbent carriers have been slow to the digital transformation party, but that’s changing fast. Today, over 85% of insurance technology leaders expect an increase in customer demand for digitally delivered products […]

Legacy Modernization to Cloud

Webinar: Are increased legacy operational costs, lost workforce & business, lock-in to proprietary vendors are making you burn the midnight oil? At SLK, we have looked into this problem holistically and have been working on a Cloud Pacific/360 Platform that brings in innovation & automation based solutions together along with partner ecosystem. Our platform enables […]

Preventive maintenance of HVAC systems

Prevention is better than cure – a manufacturing success story Industries dealing with perishable goods are prone to losses due to equipment malfunction- using technology to predict machine failures improves operations and reduces costs. Download our case study to read how a manufacturing company moved to a preventive maintenance model for HVAC systems. You will […]

Digital Ops and Check Fraud – Prevent Operational Losses

AI fraud detection saves USD 35 million – a financial services success story Banks regularly deal with fraudulent checks using manual processes that are time-consuming and costly – moving to an automated model can improve efficiency, bring customer delight, and reduce losses. Download our case study to read how intelligent automation led to significant savings […]