Why Sustainable Banking Makes Business Sense for Banks

The last few years have seen unprecedented momentum behind the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals of global businesses. And rightly so! Collectively we are facing the threat of climate change, natural disasters, and inequality. Markets, consumers, and policymakers expect companies to play their role in mitigating these risks, and banks are no exception. There […]

Imparting life skills to children

Investing in the holistic development of children in the rural areas. At SLK, we believe in the power of all-rounded education, and that includes life skills. When we were building the school in Pujanahalli, we wanted to offer much more than just literacy. We’ve engaged them continuously in multiple extracurricular activities. For example, a sports […]

Creating a thriving community around yoga

B K S Iyengar, or Guruji as we fondly called him, was the founder of Iyengar Yoga and is considered one of the foremost yoga teachers in the world. He came from a very humble background and wanted to do something for the community in Kolar. But he knew aid only went so far. His […]

Cross pollinating for the greater good

Weaving in the needs of multiple communities to create high-impact win-win outcomes At SLK, our CSR projects are intertwined with each other, and we leverage our connections to create synergies. We try and find opportunities so that our communities work for mutual benefit. For instance, during the early months of the pandemic, the women tailors […]

The Secrets Behind Successful<br>Test Automation

Automate, ExpediteYour Test Cycles Successful automation strategies are the key to delivering better products and exceptional customer experiences efficiently. If your testing process is riddled with longer test cycles and slower response to changes, compromising quality, it is time to restrategize and adopt continuous testing practices. Download our Whitepaper to know more about: What are […]

The Ultimate Guide To Automation Success

Despite fantastic benefits—over 90% improvement in compliance, quality, productivity, and up to 60% cost savings in operations—only a small percentage of organizations have been able to scale their automation program. Download our guide to know more about scaling your automation journey. You will read about: What stops organizations from scaling automation? 5 things to focus […]

The Many Facets of Automation & Continuous Testing

Today, it is a demanding, competitive digital world with digital transformation at its peak. Businesses have increased pressure to deliver high-quality, seamless customer experiences and business performance. Every business needs to provide a seamless Customer Experience. And for this, there is a need for quality assurance and testing to help enterprises constantly churn out satisfying […]

Business Assurance New Road to stay ahead

Today the foray of digitization into almost everything disrupts operational models, processes, and business strategies. Amongst this sea of change, the quality of business has to remain constant. Quality generates a business value that assures the organization remains on the growth path. Business Assurance provides organizations with help or support to ensure that things are […]

Cloud Adoption – A Transformative Digital Solution

Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption has become a necessity for organizations that aspire to lead the digitaltransformation race and achieve significant improvements in their business performance.Financial Institutions embrace cloud technology for many of their needs such as corebanking, sales & service, customer insights, etc. Download our Whitepaper to know more about: Write to us: hello@slkgroup.com