Effortless Bordereau Management: A Modern Approach to Insurance Operations

Effortless Bordereau Management

The Bordereau process is a cornerstone of the insurance industry, vital for the detailed reporting and validation of insurance premiums and claims. It plays a pivotal role of managing risk and finances within the Insurance and reinsurance Industry. This complex procedure requires accurate financial tracking, regulatory compliance, and effective risk management.

Traditionally, the Bordereau process has been manually driven, requiring significant effort from technical accounts teams who needs to validate and manage vast amounts of inconsistent data across various teams. Therefore, automating the Bordereau process is essential to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and overall operational effectiveness. 

Addressing Operational Bottlenecks

The Bordereaux process can be intricate, often involving the use of spreadsheets, collaboration with multiple stakeholders, and engagement with Managing General Agents (MGAs). The technical team is often overwhelmed with manually driven data and must frequently follow up with vendors and various internal departments. Tackling the Bordereau process’s operational bottlenecks is like defeating the final boss in a video game—challenging, but with the right strategy and tools, victory is assured. 

Using these spreadsheets, the technical accounts team aims to produce premium and claims postings, ITD earnings, actuarial reports, journal entries, claims bank reconciliations, and outward files for the monthly bordereaux reported for each program. 

Often, manual Bordereaux processes are prone to data inconsistencies and human errors, are time-consuming, and negatively impact Service Level Agreements (SLAs). They can also lead to regulatory issues and fail to accurately reflect risk exposure due to the lack of standardized procedures. 

Our Core Competence

We at SLK, have gained our expertise by working with clients across the regions, handling processes ranging from property and casualty insurance to specialist insurance. We’ve transformed their spreadsheet-driven processes, which relied on scattered macros, into cloud first approach. 

Our goal is to provide a seamless process for uploading claim and premium bordereaux by mapping columns from the source to the target. Our dashboards facilitate easier reporting and data visualization based on various parameters, enabling our clients to focus on critical items like aged reports. 

A Ground-breaking Approach

  • Our approach ensures a first-time-right solution. We utilize various tools and conduct a thorough automation feasibility study before delivering the solution to the client.
  • Our automation solution goes beyond merely installing BOTs or RPAs. We thoroughly analyze the existing process to understand the intricacies and complexities of manual operations.
  • Our team includes experts in process standardization, digital transformation, domain expertise, and automation. This diverse expertise ensures that clients fully realize the benefits of our solutions. 
  • We focus not only on cost reduction and improved efficiency but also on continuous process improvement, which we believe is fundamental to any automation project.

Value Delivered

Our commitment to automation empowers you to experience:

  • Significant reduction in cost per transaction: Automation streamlines processes, cutting down on labor and operational expenses, allowing for more efficient resource allocation.
  • Improved SLA turnaround times: Faster processing times ensure that tasks are completed promptly, enhancing overall productivity and client satisfaction.
  • Enhanced focus on critical process steps: Automation handles repetitive tasks, freeing up your team to concentrate on high-value activities and strategic decision-making.
  • Higher quality outcomes: Automation reduces the risk of human errors and inconsistencies, leading to more reliable and accurate data, which is crucial for effective decision-making.
  • Reduced human intervention: By automating routine tasks, your team can focus on more complex and engaging responsibilities, fostering innovation and job satisfaction.
  • Ensured compliance: Standardized procedures and accurate data handling minimize the risk of regulatory issues, ensuring that all processes adhere to necessary guidelines and standards.
  • Elimination of non-value-added process steps: Automation identifies and removes inefficiencies, streamlining operations and making your organization more agile and responsive to changes.

In addition to these tangible benefits, our approach emphasizes delivering intrinsic value to the client through the upskilling of existing resources. We strongly believe that in the era of AI, human resources should be engaged and focused on critical processes, enabling your team to drive continuous improvement and innovation within your organization. 


Reimagining the Bordereau process with SLK means embracing a future where complexity is simplified, efficiency is maximized, and value is delivered consistently.

At SLK, we understand the complexities and intricacies involved in manually driven processes like the Bordereau Process, where the Technical Accounts team is responsible for validating the bordereaux and claims. We are dedicated to transforming the way Bordereaux are processed with our comprehensive approach, which includes process standardization, a digital roadmap, and automation efforts. Our goal is to ensure a proven and successful implementation for our clients. Join us in transforming your operations and experiencing the full potential of modernized Bordereaux processing.

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