The Many Facets of Automation & Continuous Testing

Today, it is a demanding, competitive digital world with digital transformation at its peak. Businesses have increased pressure to deliver high-quality, seamless customer experiences and business performance. Every business needs to provide a seamless Customer Experience. And for this, there is a need for quality assurance and testing to help enterprises constantly churn out satisfying […]

Business Assurance New Road to stay ahead

Today the foray of digitization into almost everything disrupts operational models, processes, and business strategies. Amongst this sea of change, the quality of business has to remain constant. Quality generates a business value that assures the organization remains on the growth path. Business Assurance provides organizations with help or support to ensure that things are […]

SLK And Asysco Partner to Accelerate Legacy Modernization

COEVORDEN, Netherlands and BANGALORE, India, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SLK and Asysco announced a partnership to address legacy modernization challenges and enable faster legacy migration, scalability, and cost efficiencies for our customers.Asysco brings in tools, experience, and expertise to transform traditional on-premises legacy environments into innovative and agile systems. Asysco technology creates opportunities for […]

How to transition from Monolithic to Microservices?

Legacy modernization is one of the most talked about approaches enterprises are adopting to meet their business goals – businesses that evolve to stay relevant in the market. Until recently, the focus for most of these enterprises was to develop applications that are quick to deliver results, not emphasizing much on other attributes such as […]

Can banks follow the FANG model of digitization? FANGS vs BANKS

Open banking can be considered as another term for digitization of banking sector. Open banking, in simple terms, means delegating one’s bank account access to third parties, authorizing them to perform operations on their behalf. Since the data exchange happens through secured Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), it is ensured that customer data remains safe and […]

Four tools to enable banks to transform digitally

Digital transformation is much more than offering online services; it is about combining the convenience and speed brought by digital platforms with human interactions, to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling customer journey. In simple words, digital engagement is the key to create an enriching customer experience. This is true for all the industries that are […]

The Big data vs data analytics

Big Data, Data Analytics – the techie buzzwords are very popular these days but with such a rapid advancement in technology and new concepts coming in every day, the trend is of super-specialization. This leaves us with ideas and technical knowledge which is quite close together, just a little different from one another. Confusion is […]

Insight into Data Analytics

An Introduction into Data Analytics It is all too easy to collect humongous quantities of data from diverse sources. However, it is not so easy to know what to do with it! Here is where data analytics comes in – data analytics helps us understand how to manage the data effectively and use it to […]

Technology Enabling Effective Work from Home

How Organizations can enable Work from Home This is an unprecedented time, something that we have never seen before. Time – that has raised several challenges in front of organizations, one of which is how to be productive while working remotely. Dealing with these challenges have become critical to ensure maintaining critical business continuity management […]

Role of RPA in Manufacturing Industry

RPA no longer confines itself to banking or insurance alone. It is an emerging trend in other sectors of the industry too, for instance manufacturing. Organizations, big or small, are gradually realizing that RPA can accelerate operations, bring down expenses, minimize human errors and award competitive benefits. Therefore, manufacturing ventures are becoming heavily inclined towards […]