Kerala was affected by terrible floods for two years in a row; people were left destitute after everything they owned, even their homes, were washed away in the fury of floodwaters. One of our former Senior Vice Presidents Thomas George approached us to seek funding for relief work, but we decided to go beyond and take ownership the SLK way. We put him in charge of this project and started rebuilding homes for the affected people. Our team worked closely with the local community to do the due diligence and check titles and partnered with the local contractor to do it at cost.



We went into every detail, from the design and construction plan to quality checks to make them floodproof and speeding up the construction time so that homes are ready in 6-8 months. We rebuilt many of these homes from scratch, keeping the needs of the occupants in mind as well as the local architecture and were handed over to residents in 2019. We also went further and built a recreational center for special needs children in Haripad, Alleppey.