Global manufacturer achieves

99.9% guaranteed uptime

With IoT powered smart cold-chain 
monitoring system

SLK has been recognized by ISG as the standout case study in Manufacturing and Supply Chain.

We all know the headache-inducing challenges of cold chains – long wait times at docks, delayed approvals, equipment malfunction, breach of temperature thresholds, technician unavailability, etc. As global supply chains become more complex, these challenges are only getting bigger, often leading to millions of dollars in wasted perishable goods, medicines, and produce. Globally, USD 750 billion worth of food is wasted yearly in inefficient cold chains.

The need of the hour is a solution that enables proactive monitoring of cold chain operations. And that’s just what we co-created with our client, a leading global manufacturer.

This smart solution is now used by 18 of the top 20 shipping lines, currently processing data from 600,000 containers globally and 60% of existing reefer containers.

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