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How to evolve banking to meet and exceed digital needs?

We show you how. Effortlessly deliver simple, seamless, and secure experiences that delight digital native customers.

Fuel exceptional business performance that responds to market needs with Digital Operations

Maximize ROI, improve performance, and build operational resilience

Your business needs seamless, efficient, economical, and SLA-driven business process operations. However, a simple lift-and-shift to offshore and older commercial models is no longer enough. Maximize automation with SLK and drive reliable and scalable digital operations at a fraction of the cost. Provide your teams with the right information at the right time to avoid repetitive tasks, save time, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and speed to market in response to current demands. 


Hyper automation and business transformation for a US regional bank



120 FTE

freed up

Find out how we helped a regional bank in the Midwest region of the United States shift from cost reduction automation to multifold automation strategy for agility, speed and risk containment. Our CoE team used a hyper-automation technology suite to accelerate process discovery and overall automation and deliver various benefits:


Go From Ideas to Results with Our Offerings

SLK offers hyper automation-led operations across process complexity types at disruptive commercial models. We modernize your process to improve execution and deploy hyper-automation to guarantee savings upfront.

Digital Operations

Re-engineer, digitize, manage, and run business processes on automated, data-driven platforms and tools for process excellence.

Intelligent Automation

Leverage a cutting-edge technology stack, including AI, NLP, NLU, NLG, ML, ICR, Computer Vision, Intelligent Chatbots, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, RPA, and OCR, to drive outcomes

Global Location Strategy

A flexible global delivery network to support consolidation across multiple locations.

The SLK advantage

Elevate user experience

Infuse business processes with agility, intelligence, and automation to create operational models that delight customers, deliver quality, and improve performance overall

Amp up resilience and efficiency

Optimize your operations with data-driven digital operations and services that enhance agility, resilience, and efficiency, helping you make better business decisions and explore new revenue streams

Zero-cost automation

Disruptive commercial models that deliver results with minimal upfront investment and quick ROI, savings of up to 70% and Y-o-Y reduction in transaction pricing, help you ladder up to larger business goals

Pre-built point solutions

Deploy ready point solutions for key processes areas, including lockbox, fraud identification, dispute/claims investigation, claims processing, and automated credit risk analysis, so you can improve productivity and save time to focus on other efforts
“We take end to end responsibility of our customer’s process and deliver maximum efficiency and business outcomes through hyper automation. Our ready Artificial Intelligence based point solutions help accelerate this journey and maximize ROI for our customers.”

– Somesh Auddy

Head – Digital Operations Practice

Break operational barriers.
Outperform competition.