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Img Partnering to eradicate hunger

Partnering to eradicate hunger

Supported the Roti Bank in Mumbai to serve over 4 Mn meals. 
Img imparting life skills to children

Imparting life skills to children

Investing in the holistic development of children in the rural areas. At SLK, we believe in the power of all-rounded education, and that includes life skills.
Img Creating a thriving

Creating a thriving community around yoga

B K S Iyengar, or Guruji as we fondly called him, was the founder of Iyengar Yoga and is considered one of the foremost yoga teachers
Img Cross pollinating

Cross pollinating for the greater good

Weaving in the needs of multiple communities to create high-impact win-win outcomes At SLK, our CSR projects are intertwined with each other, and we leverage our
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Caring for our furry friends

Adopting strays and supporting animal shelters in need Our pets-in-residence, Lakshmi and Silky, were adopted from Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre (CARE) in November 2018. But CARE
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A special school for special children

Nurturing academic, social, and personal growth in children with disabilities  Each project we complete sparks our passion for the next one. During our Kerala flood relief
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Rebuilding lives in the aftermath of a disaster

Kerala was affected by terrible floods for two years in a row; people were left destitute after everything they owned, even their homes, were washed away
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Lighting a fire with literacy

When the SLK campus opened in 2018, we came across a tiny school for the local village children of Pujanahalli. It was too small for the

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