Caring for our furry friends

Adopting strays and supporting animal shelters in need

Our pets-in-residence, Lakshmi and Silky, were adopted from Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre (CARE) in November 2018. But CARE needed a lot more than a couple of adoptions. They were struggling with managing medical care for the strays and abandoned pets brought to them. They did not have an X-ray machine and taking an accident case to other clinics was traumatic for the dog and difficult for the shelter. Regularly vaccinating their existing charges and neutering new additions was also a significant recurring expense. We stepped in to fund these requirements and ensure continued care for these animals.  

Bringing home two of these dogs – Lakshmi and Silky – encouraged several employees at SLK to also adopt from the shelter. The magic really happened when we brought together the rural kids who learn with us and these animals. It turned into a happy event where the animals were cared for and the kids got a fun lesson in compassion and kindness. The shelter got an artist to conduct an art workshop for the kids who drew their animal friends. The paintings now hang at the shelter, and the kids are super proud of their achievement. 


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