Cross pollinating for the greater good

Weaving in the needs of multiple communities to create high-impact win-win outcomes

At SLK, our CSR projects are intertwined with each other, and we leverage our connections to create synergies. We try and find opportunities so that our communities work for mutual benefit. For instance, during the early months of the pandemic, the women tailors at Auromode garment atelier were struggling with a lack of orders and subsequent work. To ensure they remained employed through the year, we gave them the contract to make festive clothes for the Dussehra festival at all three SLK homes in the SOS village. This massive order gave them the necessary funding to support the women tailors and remove the threat of imminent layoffs. Similarly, we invited artists from Auroville to paint murals at the schools we support, imparting a sense of purpose and joy to all involved. 


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