Imparting life skills to children

Investing in the holistic development of children in the rural areas.

At SLK, we believe in the power of all-rounded education, and that includes life skills. When we were building the school in Pujanahalli, we wanted to offer much more than just literacy. We’ve engaged them continuously in multiple extracurricular activities. For example, a sports day at a farm with good old lemon-spoon and three-legged races made us realize their athletic potential. When we asked them if they would like a sports summer camp, the answer was a unanimous “Yes”! So, we partnered with CSE to make that a reality. We organize playdates at the animal shelter. We’ve also put up a greenhouse where they can learn to take care of plants and the environment. Our idea is to help these kids become well-rounded individuals who are kind, compassionate, environmentally conscious, and competitive.   


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