Lighting a fire with literacy

When the SLK campus opened in 2018, we came across a tiny school for the local village children of Pujanahalli. It was too small for the number of kids who attended, and there were no facilities or extracurricular activities. So, we decided to build them a new school that would offer them a better learning environment with proper facilities like a library, kitchen, study rooms, washrooms, playground, etc. The construction started in 2019, and the new building was inaugurated in 2020. Today, it has become much more than just a school. We continue to work with the children there, celebrating festivals and holidays, conducting regular health checks, getting them exposure to speakers like Abhinav Bindra, providing nutritious meals, and encouraging sports and many life skills through swimming, yoga, and badminton in summer camps. Our efforts have also encouraged more girls to attend the school.  

Our unique approach of finding synergies has worked well for this project. It’s our firm belief that focusing even on one aspect of development can uplift the entire community. These bright kids just need a little exposure, and they can do amazing things. And we are working to give them what they need to get ahead in life, including support for continued education, vocational training, and job opportunities at SLK after they leave school.    


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