As the organizations are going through transformations, every function in an enterprise must transform to collectively augment customer and employee experience. The true test of success will be in enabling frictionless customer journeys.

We bring in deep domain expertise to orchestrate these transformations, identifying opportunities through data driven insights from the heartbeat of your business – your processes and the enabling IT systems.


Opening up opportunities

Rationalize your engineer-to-order business to configure-to- order

27% reduction in ideation to launch lead times

AI-enabled conversations for personalized experiences

Conversational IVR platform to create an effortless self-service experience for customers using AI-based natural language processing.

Forecast better with inflation model

Visualize demand and supply forecast based on inflation, currency fluctuations and markets to maximize value


Can a bank increase profitability with business transformation? 

Find out how core banking landscape modernizations and transformation helped a leading bank increase profitability while maintaining compliance. We helped them re-focus on digital technology for better self-service options, move to an API-first strategy for real-time integration and get a better understanding of their customers’ financial needs. 








upfront cost

Chart a new course towards growth

Move from short-term to strategic business transformation with SLK’s suite of offerings that help you set up the foundation for scaling upwards and outwards.


Create intuitive, human-like experiences that lead users on a seamless journey to desired outcomes. Leverage our adaptable in-house IDIDRIS framework to create meaningful engagement and integrations, enabling the UX lab to easily collaborate with any development team.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Consulting

Understand what your business needs to hone and retain that competitive edge. Build robust, resilient supply chains and manufacturing operations with our solutions that address volatile markets, tight margins, regulatory pressure, and more.


Leverage the power of connected devices to improve your operations, hyper scale automation, and build visibility across the enterprise. By connecting their customer to the rest of the extended digital landscape, businesses can transform their offerings to be faster, better, and more cost-effective.

Intelligent Infra

Leverage new-age technologies such as machine learning, network science, and other computational approaches for solving everyday IT operational problems at scale and strengthening the backbone of your business. Build agility and resilience in your IT Operations and proactively pre-empt and resolve issues.

BFSI Consulting

Leave behind the constraints of legacy technologies and truly embrace digital. Our expert domain and technology consultants help banks, financial institutions, and insurers leapfrog disruption and challenge the status quo.

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