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Cloud is an integral part of digital businesses, and there have been phenomenal shifts in cloud architectures. SLK employs a multifaceted approach to modernization with a cloud strategy that keeps in mind your business goals and key cloud trends.


Go from ideas to results with our offerings

Be it application portfolio rationalization & migration, native cloud applications, API & Microservices, Data Analytics, Edge computing & IIOT, containers, or serverless computing, we help you make the right cloud decisions and investments. Our cloud services offer the right blend of performance, technology, and solution accelerators with high-performance cloud frameworks. Our 250+ cloud experts help you define the right cloud strategy roadmap, develop, and deploy cloud-native architectures, accelerate migration, and improve security and performance.

Advisory & Consulting

From cloud strategy and business case organization to maturity assessment, we help you get the most from your cloud investments with a Cloud Center of Excellence, a Business Office, and the right governance and framework

Migration Service

Leverage accelerated, risk-averse, and minimally disruptive cloud migration with foundational services, governance, and compliance, migration strategies and tooling, factory-based migration patterns, and automated target infrastructure or platform services.

Cloud Lifecycle Services

Manage the entire cloud lifecycle with ease with infrastructure workload management and automation, application management, finance and budget management, maintenance and monitoring, and security and compliance

Cloud-Native Development

Accelerate your cloud-native development with APIs, microservices, serverless custom applications and Docker and Kubernetes based containerized orchestration

AISecOps Management & Services

Plug your security and operations gaps using AI/ML with DevSecOps to strengthen application run time infrastructure (webservers, app servers), cloud infra pipeline and CI/CD, as well as application, database, and storage services

Accelerators and Tools

Harness the power of our unique accelerators and tools at every stage of your cloud journey, with the Cloud Strategy Builder, Application Portfolio Rationalization, Data Pipeline Automation, Compliance as a Service, Self-service Ingestion, and Self-Service Data Archival

Cloud Frameworks

Cover all your bases with SLK’s frameworks to help you get your cloud journey up, running and thriving. We offer frameworks for various business cases, factory-based migration, cloud support services delivery, infrastructure provisioning and monitoring, information security, cloud managed services, cloud-native convergence, fast API, as well as those for IoT, data, and cloud convergence

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Signature Program to enable Health and Wealth Products on a Single Platform

Find out how we built data and digital roadmaps for one of the fastest entrants in Fortune 100 to enable all their and third-party health and wealth products on a single platform.


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The SLK advantage


Proactively monitor your cloud with 24×7 support and continuous improvement. Ensure that your services run efficiently with rapid production releases and within budget on a regular cadence.


Stretch the cloud to its full potential beyond just virtual machines and containers. With deep experience in native applications, API & Microservices, Serverless, IoT, and AI/ML, we help build and run clouds adapted to your evolving business goals.

Cloud-Native Approach

Rest assured that your critical applications and workloads are run in a modern, secure, well-architected cloud environment. We take an application and user-focused approach instead of a “lift and shift” migration factory.

Cloud Architecture

Leverage cutting-edge technologies for a future-proof cloud strategy. We enhance your existing cloud architecture or design an entirely new fit-for-purpose version as required.


Double the speed of deployments, updates, and patching. Improve application performance and end-user response time. Improve overall business agility by 1.5x.


Reduce application development and test/QA costs by 40%. Get up to 20% reduction in outages and downtime.
“We use quick accelerators, frameworks, tools, solutions, and a unique code-conversion approach so you can move to the cloud without moving heaven and earth.”

– Nagesh K P

Head – Data & Digital Service Lines

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