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PeakPerform (1)

SLK’s PeakPerform® leverages AI and machine learning to revolutionize IT Operations, optimizing business performance by utilizing historical and real-time data. This innovative, non-downloadable software suite provides operational efficiency and reduces downtime. PeakPerform® is capable of building intelligence and deploying AI models for real-time solutions which marks a significant step towards achieving incremental business benefits, making it a pivotal platform for IT operations.


INSURAI is our AI powered insurance value chain solution to help insurance providers, brokers and re-insurers to reimagine their business.


Data artistry brings together a self-service data fabric and data science platform to provide citizen developers the power to play with data. Your business teams can now bring their own data, automate ML to build their own models, and leverage self-service visualizations to derive their own insights.


Our Data Governance helps you overcome the constraints of quality rules and ETL in data governance leveraging AI/ML. Our data science solutions bring together self-service metadata, lineage, profiling, quality, compliance, exploratory data analytics, catalog, and semantics at one place for better outcomes.


Get every detail – from legacy (data, apps, mainframe, windows, ERP) to cloud strategy – right with Cloud Pacific. Transform with a unique innovation and automation-based factory model approach coupled with zero trust security and get audit and governance in one place.


Build and publish self-service based reliable APIs while eliminating the need for legacy warehouses, middleware, and multiple intermediary applications. Fast track deployment directly from the data foundation adopting to industry standards like FDX, IFX, BIAN, LIMRA, and ISO


Chat2Cloud is a revolutionary chatbot designed to simplify and automate your Azure cloud migration journey! Powered by cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, our innovative chatbot delivers rapid and effective recommendations, ensuring a seamless transition of your applications and workloads to the Azure cloud.


Achieve true business agility by delivering higher quality software faster. Our 100% no-code test automation platform autogenerates test cases for any business processes spanning web, mobile, desktop, mainframes, and ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning). Get the benefits of greater employee productivity, lower risk and exceptional customer experiences today.


Build better software that performs reliably upon deployment by using representative AI/ML-based test data that mimics your production environment. Quickly pinpoint non-compliant data and prevent bugs, errors and rollbacks during testing. Make your software development process more cost-efficient and reduce compliance and security risks.

Rapid deployment with pre-built solutions


Many banks till date rely on manual data entry within lockbox processing, resulting in delays and error prone transactions. Our automated check processing solution using synergistic AI and RPA, provides an efficient, resilient and cost-effective process for reading checks, stubs and invoices, cross-verifies information across documents with over 90% accuracy and 30x faster than manual processing.

Endorsement Intake Solution

Endorsement request types across various commercial Lines of Business is a document intensive process for amendments from existing customers. Our Endorsement Intake Solution encompassing various NLP techniques enables Automated Data Capture and provides benefits with 100% straight through processing and ~10x reduction in average processing time for requests.

Fraud Detection

Banks face an increased number of operational losses due to missed alerts on fraud checks. SLK V- Labs’ Fusionone.AI is an AI-based solution for risk flagging, identification of stock mismatch, alterations and forgery upstream apart from many other business rules based on an intelligent scoring mechanism for every check. The solution helps in reducing current manual inspection, can be easily integrated with the client’s current IT landscape, and can augment or replace the current business rules for fraud identification, thus improving client satisfaction.

New Business Submission Intake Automation

The manual approach to intake of new insurance contracts results in higher administrative costs and delayed turnaround time for policy issuance. Our AI enabled automation solution leverages natural language understanding and processing techniques to extract contextual information from structured/unstructured documents to accelerate intake, enabling underwriters with qualitative data insights to speed up policy Issuance and process high volumes of policy requests resulting in increased net earned premium.

Facial Recognition: Security and surveillance

Security and surveillance are of great importance to businesses and the public alike. Our custom-built AI and smart computer vision-enabled SpotterKits recognizes persons of interest in real time. Our solutions have proven to improve security in public places. Our kits are enabled to work 24×7 with high efficiency, thus reducing huge manual effort and empowering security personnel to take swift actions.

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