An automated cloud migration and application portfolio rationalization chatbot

What is Chat2Cloud?

Chat2Cloud is an innovative chatbot that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to assist an organization in its cloud migration journey. Chat2Cloud enables the user to receive instant custom recommendations understanding the customer organization’s landscape and application requirements.

Some Common Use Cases of Chat2Cloud Include

  • Identify the best cloud migration strategy for a .Net application running on a windows OS to Azure Cloud
  • Get assistance on Database version and migration strategy to move to azure cloud from on premise
  • Get recommendations for cloud migration strategy for a set of 50 applications of a Line of Business (Insurance, Retail etc)

Key Features

  • Smart decision engine

    recommends the exact Rlane cloud migration strategy to choose based on the inputs provided by the user

  • E-mail recommendation

    shares the RLane report to the user via email automatically which helps the user to get an overview of the application status with recommended Rlane by Decision engine

  • Contextual understanding

    maintains context throughout the conversation, remembering previous interactions and using the information to guide the conversation further with a detailed help section

  • External System Integration

    can integrate with other databases or API’s allowing it to retrieve real-time information

  • Intelligent continuous improvements

    leverages machine learning algorithms to learn from user interactions, improving its responses and performance over time

  • Security and privacy

    adheres to strict security and privacy protocols, ensuring the protection of user data and maintaining confidentiality during conversations

Key Benefits

  • Cost Savings

  • Quick Response Time

  • 24/7 Availability

  • Data Collection and Analysis

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