Amplify customer experience with agents of disruption in Insurance

Disruptive new age models are challenging the traditional Insurance models. Legacy systems that hinder agility are posing difficulties for established players to up their game. Rising risks from climate change and cyber threats strain affordability. These are the challenges facing players in a domain that is undergoing tectonic shifts. Customers expect frictionless interactions, dynamic coverage options, and proactive risk mitigation. 

SLK’s AI-powered insurance solutions and deep industry expertise deliver personalized experiences, automate workflows, and enable data-driven decision-making. Our persistent commitment to innovation helps you stay ahead of the curve.


AI-Powered Innovation Image

AI-Powered Innovation

Harnesses AI/ML for tailored, efficient insurance solutions, transforming operations with advanced capabilities.
State of the Art INSURAI platform Image

State of the Art INSURAI platform

INSURAI platform’s agile core can seamlessly integrate with data hubs, transcending legacy systems to offer comprehensive views
Predictive AI Ops Image

Predictive AI Ops

Predict and prevent IT issues to minimize disruptions in insurance processes.
Customer-Centric Insights Image

Customer-Centric Insights

Anticipate customer needs with cognitive analytics, ensuring proactive service that exceeds expectations.
Holistic Risk Management Image

Holistic Risk Management

Safeguard your business with efficient claims processes, robust fraud detection, and comprehensive risk management
Cloud Transition Facilitation Image

Cloud Transition Facilitation

Experience a smooth cloud transition for scalable, cost-effective operations.

Customer Success Stories

Unlock Unprecedented Policy Delivery Speeds

Automation and AI-driven data extraction improve the speed of new insurance request issuance for a large P&C insurer

Accelerated DevOps with Highly Optimized Test Data Management Solution

Insurance Mainframe Core Modernization
to Open Stack System on Cloud

Rapid Scaling of Resources in a New Domain

Tap into solutions with a future outlook for insurance excellence

Property And Casualty


Property And Casualty

Optimize New Business, Underwriting, Endorsements, policy administration and claims management by employing cutting-edge AI technology to improve combined ratio, business agility and customer experience.

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Life & Annuity, Group And Retirement


Life & Annuity, Group And Retirement

Integrated InsurTech solutions for retirement and protection

Modernize policy/plan administration, transform agency management & compensation, simplify claims management for streamlined operations, improved customer experiences, and strengthened risk management.

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Advanced Reinsurance solutions for complex risks

Streamline complex risk assessment, automate claims & bordereau processing, and enhance data analytics. Ensure efficient operations, improved risk management, faster claims processing, and data-driven insights.

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