Rapid Scaling of Resources in a New Domain

SLK helped an American retirement and employee benefits services provider ramp up capacity for offshore operations.

Case Summary

The client, an American retirement and employee benefits provider for private and government institutions, required operations support and the hiring of an operational offshore team. SLK’s quick response helped scale up operations by over 200 FTEs (full-time equivalents) within 30 days.

The Challenge

The customer was looking for an end-to-end solution for setting up their operations in India. The primary challenge was the lack of an on-ground workforce to operate sustainably. The employee benefits services provider wanted to establish operations across three business lines and five product areas that were planned for offshoring.

24 processes were required to scale up to handle 700,000 transactions per year and other operations. The hierarchical distribution (pyramid structure) within the organization also required optimization.

The Solution

SLK’s first order of business was to understand all the processes and their dependencies, which enabled us to provide a two-faceted solution to the customer. Hiring needs were determined based on operational needs and management structure. SLK’s fast scaling capabilities helped us hire 175 FTEs in 30 days with a balanced mix of freshers, experienced resources along with management.

The processes and workflows were also analyzed, optimized, and automated. Initially deployed bots also compensated for up to 30 FTEs. All new processes were documented with a self-service tool. A noiseless transition was achieved with no issues or escalations.

Business Impact

175 FTEs

Hired in under 30 days

30 FTE

Dependency eliminated with automation


Fully documented processes

SLK’s Efforts Showed Quick Results:

The move to the cloud supported the business vision of the client. It enabled: