Turn your operations from a cost center to a value creator

Businesses encounter multifaceted challenges ranging from growth and cost management to agility and investment in innovation. They must also leverage existing assets, ensure sustainability of commitments, and navigate talent shortages, regulatory compliance, and the evolving technology landscape. Moreover, the competitive pressure from agile, digital-native firms adds another layer of complexity. Enterprises need to centralize and standardize non-core functions and leverage shared services to streamline operations, optimize resources, and focus on core strategic initiatives.

SLK is proficient in managing horizontal services for driving sustainable growth and navigating the complexities of the modern business environment. Leverage SLK’s center of excellence that serves various shared services and achieve efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced agility.



The SLK Advantage

Cross-domain expertise Image

Cross-domain expertise

Leverage multi-domain expertise to tailor responsive solutions, meet the unique demands of your industry, and position your enterprise at the forefront.
Enhanced Process Efficiency Image

Enhanced Process Efficiency

Discover, standardize, and improve your workflows. Make processes leaner, meaner, and faster by deploying various levers, including domain, Six Sigma, and technology
Optimized Commercial Models Image

Optimized Commercial Models

Transition your operational models from unit to transaction, FTE to outcome based. Implement tailored models to drive cost-effectiveness and operational excellence.
Smart process optimization Image

Smart process optimization

Identify and optimize manual processes, integrating advanced automation and analytics to streamline your operations and enhance overall efficiency.
One-stop solution Image

One-stop solution

Access a one-stop hub to integrate people, processes, technology, and data, driving peak performance and innovative digital operations with strategic precision.
Robust and transparent governance Image

Robust and transparent governance

Improve performance and achieve better control over your data and process with robust governance and transparent reporting.

Transform and align your service delivery model with the overall business strategy

Data Entry and Document Management Image

Data Entry and Document Management

Harness AI/ML-driven document management to classify and extract data accurately. Automate data entry and retrieval, enhancing quality and accessibility for informed decision-making.
Finance & Accounting Image

Finance & Accounting

Optimize your finance operations with end-to-end solutions. From P2P to R2R, ensure accurate payables, receivables, and reporting. Streamline accounting processes for strategic financial oversight.
Quality Audits Image

Quality Audits

Elevate process integrity with quality audits. Implement Six Sigma and Lean methodologies for robust quality control and management, mitigating risk and ensuring compliance. Build a robust quality center of excellence that supports first second and third line of defense
HR Operations Image

HR Operations

Offer multi-channel contact center support to deliver exceptional customer service. Utilize data analytics for performance enhancement, ensuring a superior customer engagement experience.
Contact Center Image

Contact Center

Offer multi-channel contact center support to deliver exceptional customer service. Utilize data analytics for performance enhancement, ensuring a superior customer engagement experience.
Transformation Services Image

Transformation Services

Assess current processes, implement RPA/IPA, and utilize AI for gap analysis, paving the way for innovative and efficient operations. Drive business transformation to be future-ready.
Data Analytics Image

Data Analytics

Empower your decisions with data analytics. From master data management to data governance, leverage big data for strategic insights and actionable intelligence.
Travel & Logistics Image

Travel & Logistics

Streamline your travel and logistics with proficient data entry, rate inquiry, and freight booking services. Ensure accurate reporting for operational excellence and customer satisfaction.
Risk Management and Compliance Image

Risk Management and Compliance

Enhance regulatory compliance and control within your industry using our consultative approach, strengthened by robust domain practices and technical advantages.
Documentation Support Image

Documentation Support

Standardize and centralize knowledge, policies, and procedures with our process and system documentation support, creating an accessible internal wiki tailored to different access and department levels.
Marketing Support Image

Marketing Support

Boost your marketing strategies with our expertise in social media marketing, campaign management, search engine optimization, and reporting, gaining visibility and engagement
Annotation Support Image

Annotation Support

Accelerate AI/ML solution development with our annotation team, combining domain expertise and agile staffing to support synthetic data creation, ground truth validation, and learning feedback.


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