Meet the connectivity demands of the digital era

Customers now expect flexibility and top-notch experiences than ever before, and they expect it to be delivered instantly, not in weeks or days. But the legacy, monolithic systems can’t keep up. To offer such seamless experiences across the entire lifecycle, from placing an order to getting support, enterprises must move away from rigid architectures. Embracing a connected services architecture—APIs, microservices, and IoT—helps meet these demands effectively.

SLK’s IoT-powered digital connected services orchestrate connected devices, applications, customer channels, and back-office operations for business value to promote connectivity and enhance developer productivity.


The SLK Advantage

Innovation with insight and foresight Image

Innovation with insight and foresight

Unlock new business models and hyper-personalization by leveraging cloud democratization and hyper-automation, enhanced with continuous delivery, real-time monitoring, SRE, and APM for dynamic insights.
Futuristic scalable architectures Image

Futuristic scalable architectures

Transition from monolithic to microservices architecture for scalability and future possibilities, employing industry standards for services to areas like enterprise risk, business process re-engineering.
Collaborative and connected solutions Image

Collaborative and connected solutions

Expand enterprise collaboration by sharing a comprehensive API portfolio with partners and vendors, utilizing API Gateways a- Mulesoft/Apigee /Azure/AWS/CA etc. strategies, and defining architecture assessments and roadmaps.
Industry agnostic integrations Image

Industry agnostic integrations

Utilize comprehensive services with standards like BIAN, FDX, PSD2, ARTS, LIMRA, ACCORD and ISO20022 for IIOT & ERP integration, modernizing legacy systems with a focus on real-time data streaming.
Smart data as a Service Image

Smart data as a Service

Utilize data to provide and enhance intelligent services such as B2B and B2C services for the new age consumers. Integrate IoT and analytics to deliver unparalleled experiences.
Platform as a Service Image

Platform as a Service

Bring hardware, IT, and OT together for a differential platform to distinguish in the marketplace with solutions like smart cold chains, AR based quarterly maintenance, Quality inspection and many more.

Build connected devices that delight digital-native customers through IoT, API and microservices

API and Microservices Integration Services Image

API and Microservices Integration Services

Facilitate seamless connectivity and interoperability across diverse systems and platforms with a comprehensive suite API integration services. Easily transition away from monolithic architectures to optimize resources, enhance collaboration, and streamline business processes.
Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Image

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Deploy automation and robotics for full traceability, achieving peak efficiency via real-time dashboards. Ensure swift, unified multi-site operations and reduced response times through IT-OT convergence. Enhance sustainability, ensure compliance and reducing carbon footprint with IoT-driven ESG monitoring.


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