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Monolithic app structures lag behind continuous change.  To keep up, the diverse app landscape requires a robust and flexible API and microservices ecosystem. To ensure agility and scalability, enterprises need to employ microservices architecture and API-led connectivity to help apps work efficiently while bridging the gap between new apps and legacy IT stacks.  

SLK’s pluggable API integration services & Microservices, developers find it easier to plug/unplug as required, enabling effective CI/CD in virtual environments. 


The SLK Advantage

Legacy core modernization  Image

Legacy core modernization 

Stay ahead of the competition by enabling new digital core fast and thereby revitalizing their organizational DNA.
API strategy & roadmap Image

API strategy & roadmap

Build a robust API strategy and roadmap to streamline processes and move away from legacy structures.
Microservices strategy Image

Microservices strategy

Easily transition away from monolithic architectures to optimize resources, enhance collaboration, and streamline business processes.
Hyper-personalized solutions Image

Hyper-personalized solutions

Create hyper-personalized experiences and boost customer satisfaction with preventive interventions and self-service capabilities.
Building the future Image

Building the future

Be ready for real time payments anywhere in the world using Payment Hub enabled with standardized APIs

Modernize your application infrastructure with API integration services and Microservices

Full lifecycle API management Image

Full lifecycle API management

Improve connectivity and collaboration with tailored strategies for open banking APIs or full lifecycle API management. Ensure complete integration – open or channel-specific – with BIAN, IFX, FDX, PDS 2 and LIMRAA standards implementation.
API integration services Image

API integration services

Enable continuous improvement and faster app updates with microservices-based processes that employ user personas, orchestration, and pass-through service mesh implementation.
API development services Image

API development services

Accelerate app deployment and troubleshooting with our services, leveraging tools like the Microservices Adoption Cookbook, Fast API, and cloud-first strategies for banking and persona orchestration solutions.
Accelerators, frameworks, and tools Image

Accelerators, frameworks, and tools

Boost app connectivity with our API services, including Apigee, MuleSoft, and cloud platforms like AWS and Azure, ensuring seamless integration, scalability, and flexibility across your applications.


Want to create greater agility across enterprise applications?