Fueled by passion, people,
and possibilities

Life@SLK is about loving what you
do, ideating to solve problems,
experimenting with various paths
to success, and learning from your
mistakes. We are all about the
possibilities when passion, people
and technology come together.

Nurturing the leadership spirit in women

We believe in nurturing the pioneering spirit of women that will lead our business to the digital future. In a move to bring out that leadership spirit and instil confidence in their capabilities, we designed the Women in Leadership program. Through this program, we equip our women employees with the skills, tools, knowledge and experience they require to lead from the front. Backed by the entire executive leadership team, this program motivates them to reach greater heights and also offers holistic support, both at the workplace and at home. Women strengthen their capabilities through simulations and experiential learning, psychometric assessments, coaching and mentoring, and shadowing leaders for a whole year. They are also encouraged to select passion projects outside of work, participate in external forums, engage meaningfully in CSR activities, and make valuable contributions to organizational decisions that would have a direct impact on all women employees.


Pillars we stand on

A relentless entrepreneurial spirit

The one thing we love at SLK is solving complex problems for our clients with sophisticated technology. As a niche player in automation, every client engagement is a relationship we build with a unique approach. We embrace risks and learnings to drive better outcome each day.

A world where everyone belongs

At SLK, we have built a world beyond work where everyone gets to do what they enjoy. Be it a creative break, a morale boost to show off some talent, or learning something new each day, there is a little something for everyone.

Creating community impact

Over the years, we have contributed to improving the lives of our neighboring villages, helping them get clean drinking water, tarred roads and streetlights. We’ve also partnered with the Embassy Group to build school infrastructure. These initiatives have made a difference in the lives of many, but there’s always more to do.

Continuous learning and innovation

We are geeks, and proud of it. We love being surrounded by top talent – solving problems, collaborating, innovating. It’s true what they say, learning never stops at SLK.

Explore an Exciting World of Possibilities