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Enhancing the Accounts Payables Operations for an Investment Organization

Continuous quality and operational improvements in invoice processing to improve Paid-On-Time (POT) success rate.

Transformation Led Operational Excellence for P&C Insurer

Integrating AI automation and triage portal for unstructured data management with a focus on accuracy and efficiency

Transforming Customer Data Management Processes to Reduce Wastages and Improve Customer Experience

Streamlined and standardized customer data collection to reduce send-backs and bottlenecks in customer onboarding and contract renewals.

Transforming P&C Insurance with Next Gen Ops 

Using next-gen technology solutions to enhance the efficiency, speed, accuracy, and performance delivery of Property & Casualty Insurance operations.

Transformation Led – Glassdoor Sentiment Analysis

Utilizing Glassdoor reviews to enable investment signals and devise proprietary ESG solutions using AI.

Transforming Dispute Operations with Improved Data Quality and Portal

Standardized data capture for dispute intake with integrated portal and reduced steps and efforts in dispute resolution.

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