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Seamless claims handling: Powered by SLK’s operations and automation

Realizing cost savings and process optimization from multiple automation projects working in tandem with operations teams through cross-functional training and bots.

Enhancing the Accounts Payables Operations for an Investment Organization

Continuous quality and operational improvements in invoice processing to improve Paid-On-Time (POT) success rate.

Transformation Led Operational Excellence for P&C Insurer

Integrating AI automation and triage portal for unstructured data management with a focus on accuracy and efficiency

Transforming Customer Data Management Processes to Reduce Wastages and Improve Customer Experience

Streamlined and standardized customer data collection to reduce send-backs and bottlenecks in customer onboarding and contract renewals.

Transforming P&C Insurance with Next Gen Ops 

Using next-gen technology solutions to enhance the efficiency, speed, accuracy, and performance delivery of Property & Casualty Insurance operations.

Transformation Led – Glassdoor Sentiment Analysis

Utilizing Glassdoor reviews to enable investment signals and devise proprietary ESG solutions using AI.

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