Transforming P&C Insurance with Next Gen Ops 

Using next-gen technology solutions to enhance the efficiency, speed, accuracy, and performance delivery of Property & Casualty Insurance operations.

Case Summary

SLK helped an Illinois-based P&C insurer, whose operations were already highly optimized, achieve even greater efficiency and performance through integrated solutions that enabled smart automation and continuous improvements.

The Challenge

An insurer with highly standardized and efficient operations wanted to take their performance to the next level. Automation was a key enabler, but RPA solutions were unable to overcome the complexities. The insurer was eager to adopt AI/ML technologies with additional capabilities like NLP but lacked the in-house expertise to implement them for most use cases. As a result, they were struggling to innovate.

The Solution

SLK took a comprehensive approach to understanding the client’s operations and technology, identifying key processes that could benefit from transformation. Through surveys, interviews, and workshops, SLK developed a customer-centric plan to improve processes and operations. They used process mining to gather data
for initial mapping and ongoing improvements. SLK implemented incremental delivery with a focus on AI/ML-powered automation to minimize risk and impact. They provided continuous support to improve AI/ML models, handle exceptions, meet HITL (Human-in-the-Loop) requirements, and drive further improvements with mined data. SLK leveraged multiple technologies to widen the scope of automation and achieve straight-through processing.

Business Impact

SLK helped the insurer transform their operations on all fronts, people, processes and technologies to drive higher efficiency and productivity.


Accuracy achieved in data processing


New submission and endorsement processes automated


Improvement in efficiency

SLK’s Efforts Showed Quick Results:

The move to the cloud supported the business vision of the client. It enabled: