Optimize operations with unparalleled connectivity

Manufacturing and supply chain players have long relied on IoT solutions to improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance productivity. However, in increasingly complex operations, implementing IoT is not just plug-and-play. It is challenging to integrate new devices with existing systems and decode the flood of data.  

SLK simplifies IoT adoption with an end-to-end approach, right from strategy to deployment. Our intelligent IoT solutions help connect and automate operations while improving response times with real time insights.


The SLK Advantage

End-to-End Managed Services for IoT Applications Image

End-to-End Managed Services for IoT Applications

Ensure uninterrupted IoT operations with our comprehensive managed services, covering everything from deployment to maintenance.
Consulting, Strategy, Conceptualization Image

Consulting, Strategy, Conceptualization

Craft a winning IoT strategy with our seasoned consulting, customizing solutions that resonate with your operational goals.
Infra Provision, Build, Setup, and Automation Image

Infra Provision, Build, Setup, and Automation

Expedite IoT implementation with our infrastructure services, designed for swift setup and scalable automation.
Prototyping, PoC, Product Developments Image

Prototyping, PoC, Product Developments

Accelerate innovation with our prototyping and POC services, turning visionary ideas into practical IoT products.
Data Analytics and Dashboards Image

Data Analytics and Dashboards

Transform data into decisions with our real-time analytics and dashboards, visualizing insights for immediate action.
Machine & Application Integrations Image

Machine & Application Integrations

Seamlessly integrate your tech stack with our machine and application integration services tailored for optimal IoT performance.

Stay agile and minimize downtime with predictive intelligence

Industrial IoT Image

Industrial IoT

Transform your shop floor with full product traceability. Automate warehouses, streamline assembly with robotics and enhance visibility with real-time dashboards for peak operational efficiency.
IT/OT Convergence  Image

IT/OT Convergence 

Break down silos, control multi-site operations, and trigger swift alerts with IT-OT convergence. Secure user access and capture detailed operational data to slash response times and bolster system uptime.
ESG Monitoring Image

ESG Monitoring

Achieve sustainability goals, streamline alerts, maintain compliance across facilities, and ensure precise billing, all contributing to a reduced carbon footprint and enhanced operational transparency with IoT-driven monitoring.
Real-time location tracking (RTLS) Image

Real-time location tracking (RTLS)

Gain​​ real-time visibility ​by tracking the location and movement ​of assets​ and​​ people​.​​​Enhance industrial​​​ ​​​ ​ safety​ and ​ process efficiency​.​


Protect people, assets, and the environment with vigilant IoT devices.