Data-led Digital Transformation in Enterprise Retail

Transform Enterprise Retail with Data and Emerging Technologies

Enterprise retail is a complex ecosystem of multiple players working independently to support the business. This makes retail highly fragmented and inefficient. The lack of visibility and, in turn, actionable insights into these processes restricts their potential to drive better results. Enterprise retail also has the potential to utilize emerging technologies like IoT. Data transformation in retail should aim at addressing these challenges and opportunities.

Data and IoT solutions by SLK have a proven track record of delivering high returns and providing the necessary functionality to take advantage of new technologies. It enables enterprise-level visibility on core retail operations and automates critical business processes.

The whitepaper outlines the data-driven retail trends that are being adopted globally and tackle the challenges with:

  • Data technology trends categorized into strategic applications
  • Implementation strategies based on data architectures
  • Overview of various approaches to achieve data transformation

Download the whitepaper to learn more about powering your retail business with data and automation to accelerate digital transformation