Accelerated DevOps with Highly Optimized Test Data Management Solution

Upgraded the legacy TDM procedures to state-of-the-art solutions, speeding up release cycles and delivery timelines.

Case Summary

The client, a prominent P&C insurer, was operating with legacy test data management systems and procedures that were affecting their release cycles and adding to operational and opportunity costs. SLK and Delphix’s joint TDM solution helped the insurer to achieve highly efficient test data management practices that reduced their provisioning time, storage footprint, and overall cost of testing and delivery.

The Challenge

Modern developers rely on substantial amounts of test data to ensure swift and flawless application releases. However, managing test data and related activities posed a challenge for the client due to their outdated legacy systems and processes. Their existing processes for data acquisition, delivery methods, and protocols caused significant delays in data provisioning and, subsequently, in release cycles. Inadequate data masking in non-production environments also posed compliance risks.

The customer urgently sought a comprehensive end-to-end TDM framework and transition to an agile delivery model to accelerate development and release cycles. Automation of test data provisioning and other related processes was a key requirement from the solution. It also had to ensure data security, compliance with regulatory requirements, and mitigate related risks.

The Solution

SLK’s fast response to the customer’s challenges was delivered with a four-stage delivery approach. We assessed their usage scenarios, application landscape, database, and infrastructure to provide a proof of concept based on identified challenges and requirements. Data abstraction and virtualization of data sources were implemented to reduce their storage requirements while parallelly refining the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) parameters to introduce a masked version of their virtualized central dataset into the pre-production environment.

SLK also established a self-service portal to allow independent management of data refresh cycles for development and IQE teams. Expedited protocols for adjusting data refresh frequency and conducting clean-up activities were also established in tandem. Delphix TDM applications were deployed across multiple clusters in a systematic manner, commencing the synthetic test data generation process in the final phase of solution delivery. The widespread application of PII obfuscation ensured consistent adherence to data security standards, instilling confidence in the insurance firm’s capacity to avoid costly data breaches.

Business Impact

SLK’s end-to-end Delphix TDM implementation delivered on multiple fronts, significantly reducing timelines and optimizing processes.



Reduction in test data provisioning time to 10 minutes across channels


Reduction in storage footprint from 6TB to 1TB


Time taken to reset test data sets

The TDM solution also optimized other processes like data ingestion to 90 minutes, data profiling to 5 minutes, masking to 4 hours, and total data refresh time to 6 hours (down from 4-5 days).