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AI, automation, and analytics solutions help you improve operating cash flows, reduce working capital, and build robust and resilient operations


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At SLK, we help organizations build creative solutions and business models that address volatile markets, tight margins, regulatory pressure, and more. Our consulting services cover manufacturing process transformations, product structuring, guided selling, product configurations, AI/ML based configurators, ERP implementation, predictive maintenance, and end-to-end supply chain enhancement. We help you overcome legacy constraints by designing and implementing well-planned, tailored strategies for agility. Our interdisciplinary approach unlocks productivity gains and boosts the operational health and efficiency of core processes.

Consulting Services

We help you find the best way forward with services for strategy development and implementation, business process engineering, and technology consulting

Smart Manufacturing

Build intelligent factories with Digital Twins, MES, IoT, AR/VR and AI/ML-based remote diagnostics and monitoring systems, and Industry 4.0 solutions for enhanced performance

Supply Chain Excellence

Strengthen your supply chain with collaborative planning, inventory strategy, and warehouse and transportation management, so you can deliver great customer experiences every time

Witness SLK in action

Simplified a complex product purchase process for a global manufacturing giant

See how we helped a global Fortune 500 manufacturing organization overcome their challenges of high turnaround time for quotes, with most of them treated as Engineer to Order. In addition, there were inconsistencies in pricing and discounting policies with product application knowledge residing with individual product engineers. SLK consulting optimized and simplified their product structure along with the implementation of a visually interactive sizing, selection, configuration, and pricing solution integrated to Oracle eBS that enabled the organization to create highly configurable products faster, generate quotes, and complete clean orders quickly and accurately.


Enhanced Quote and Ordering Efficiency


Rationalized ETO to CTO Orders

The SLK advantage

Design Done Right

Get the right foundation for long lasting solutions that work efficiently even after many years

Realize Value Faster

Our experts unravel the most complex issues from sales to engineering and supply chain management, right through to execution on the production floor

C-suite Vision

We give top management the insights required to effectively plan their performance and confidently resolve issues to improve business performance

Transform with Technology

We’ve helped customers decrease the cost of goods sold and increase supply chain responsiveness by 20% and increase manufacturing efficiency and improve asset utilization by 15%.

Optimize Process and Technology

Demystify complex technologies and implement best practices. Reduce operating costs and increase efficiency to improve your entire business

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