Accelerating Digital Transformation with DevSecOps

A factory model approach to DevSecOps delivers rapid innovation & transformation.

Case Summary

A fortune 100 manufacturer’s efforts to speed up digital transformation was hindered by fragmented DevOps across various lines of business. We partnered to build DevSecOps pipeline for their digital facing applications and products to start with thereby enabling cloud-native development and pipeline standardization of their four main technology streams across the globe.

The Challenge

The client, a leading fortune 100 manufacturer, had several digital facing applications and products. These legacy apps were deployed across multiple premises and lines of business. They leveraged DevOps but only in pockets. In addition, multiple yearly acquisitions and divestitures further complicated the app landscape impacting business outcomes. The client wanted to shed the legacy burden and speed up digital transformation through standard pipelines & native cloud-based app development approach. They wanted a partner who could streamline and standardize app and product development and bring in DevSecOps to open doors for innovation. SLK, with its deep experience, was the perfect fit for this task.

The Solution

The SLK team got on board and assessed the situation. We decided to build DevSecOps on Azure pipelines for digital facing applications and products, enabling cloud native development. The pipeline was converted into a factory model and standardized for four main technology streams across the globe. We then extended this pipeline from services areas and used it to co-create innovative products for cold-chain, real-time tracking, preventive maintenance, industrial safety, and extreme personalization. These products are now deployed globally and are helping deliver additional business value.

Business Impact

Enabled cloud native app development

DevSecOps scaled across LOBs

Standard pipelines for 4 key tech streams

SLK’s Efforts Showed Quick Results:

A standardized DevSecOps approach scaled across lines of business eliminated DevOps pockets and enabled rapid innovation. In addition, cloud-native development for digital facing apps accelerated the release of new features, services, and products. This also helped assimilate the apps from M&As faster.