Automation led Quality Engineering in Insurance

SLK helps the company to embark on product centricity through Rapid Automation and CT enablement.

Case Summary

A large commercial property and casualty insurance company offering a range of standard and specialized insurance products and services across the U.S., Canada and Europe.

The Challenge

Absence of a QA capability with compromised business outcomes

As one of the leading global insurance companies, the client’s priority is to ensure complete customer satisfaction with its superior quality products and services. The lack of a dedicated QA setup, governance and processes posed a challenge for the company to achieve the business outcomes that it strived for.

The absence of automation, unavailability of test data and stable test environments contributed to slower execution cycles and compromised test coverage, which resulted in quality issues in production. Additionally, inadequate documentation and a complete dependency on service providers snowballed into a juggernaut. This forced the company to seek partnership ensuring quality at speed.

The Solution

Moving the quality needle with automation led quality engineering

SLK set up Project teams focused on functional and non-functional assurance to support project execution. SLK also set up TCOE for foundational services, including:

  • Creating enterprise-wide process and governance standards
  • Tool strategy with standardization of QA tools, integrations into automated dashboards
  • Rapid implementation of automation across a heterogeneous technology stack
  • Non-functional assurance to ensure performance, security, and accessibility
  • Test data and test environment management to ensure the availability of the right test data and a stable test environment
  • Service virtualization to simulate or create replicas of integrations

SLK has partnered with the client to set up an independent QA to drive the transformation journey that ensure data integrity & compliance with regulations. The partnership started off by transitioning QA support for regular project execution of 190+ applications and automating 90+ business-critical applications. SLK formed teams for project execution while simultaneously setting up a foundation service to reshape QA processes and functions.

Business Impact



increase in testing velocity and frequency

Successful automation of


business-critical applications

Successful automation of


improvement in automation speed enablingfaster reach to the end-customers

YoY improvement in cost efficiencies


availability of test data with zero compliance issues

SLK’s Solution Delivered Quick Results:

Ensuring quality, speed and efficiency SLK helped the client to align with its goal of becoming ‘the smartest underwriter in the world’ by achieving success in automation led quality engineering through continuous testing enablement and 100% test coverage. With a 2X increase in velocity & frequency of testing, the client can now leverage its automated QE capabilities to ensure product centric adoption through maximized automation, stable environments and test data availability.

Acronyms explained:

QE: Quality Engineering | QA: Quality Assurance | TCOE: Testing Center of Excellence | CT: Continuous Testing