Transforming Dispute Operations with Improved Data Quality and Portal

Standardized data capture for dispute intake with integrated portal and reduced steps and efforts in dispute resolution.

Case Summary

The client, an Ohio-based Regional Bank, wanted to improve their efficiency and performance within dispute management area. SLK helped the bank accelerate the process with standardized workflows and integrated portal to aid different processes involved.

The Challenge

The customer’s cards dispute intake process consisted of data capture by call center agents using multiple systems which required further validation during the downstream dispute resolution process. This was required to bring data into multiple systems the bank used for the process. The data capture was also prone to manual errors resulting in delays and incorrect chargebacks. These errors also resulted in certain compliance issues (Reg E and Reg Z).

The bank wanted to improve the overall quality and efficiency of the process to eliminate errors, risks and negative customer experience. The speed and productivity of resources also needed to be improved through the solution.

The Solution

SLK formed a squad of Ops and Tech resources to work at the bank to perform an end to end study of the dispute resolution process. We identified bottlenecks, inefficiencies and scope of technological solutions throughout the process. A multi-phase approach was defined to implement standardized workflows and disparate systems were integrated with a portal. We also helped the bank manage exceptions and special cases throughout the transformation process.

The portal was designed to help call center agents capture data quickly and efficiently by bringing required information on a single pane of glass. The integrated system also provided self-service capabilities for dispute resolution processes downstream. Multiple data-related activities like calculation of fees, reversals etc. were automated to accelerate and improve precision of the process, both upstream and downstream.

Business Impact

SLK’s approach helped the bank eliminate inefficiencies and errors from manual inputs into disparate systems by integrating them with a single solution.


Reduction in turnaround time


Reduction in QA efforts


Increase in productivity (volume per resource)