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New business intakes come with the hassle of massive amount of paperwork. It requires manual intervention and is extremely time-consuming. 

In order to avoid this process from being a cumbersome and inefficient task demanding so much time and resources, SLK has shaped an AI-powered intelligent intake solution that boosts business intake volumes by more than 5X with 98% accuracy in just a few hours! 


Our Solution​

Data submitted can be structured or unstructured

Geometry and synonyms agnostic NLP / OCR / computer vision-based data extraction from structured and​ unstructured application forms, including e-mail submissions and attachments

Delayed quotation time due to manual processing​

Automated document classification, contextualization, and data extraction to drastically accelerate the business intake process​

Issue of Submission Prioritization​

Ability to process submissions parallelly and infrastructure scale up based on peak load.​ Real time dashboard to view submissions processed, fields extracted, Zero touch percentage, field accuracy stats etc.​

No distinction of genuine buyers from brokers or exploratory buyers ​

Availability of Triage portal to validate the extracted fields real time

Talent acquisition for underwriting experts difficult for experienced professional​

Combination of AI Extraction engine, APIs, and Triage portal for user validation and data entry automation that allows for straight-through processing with zero human intervention​

Key Benefits Delivered​

  • More than 5X volume boost in intake
  • Issue new policy in just few hours
  • 98% overall accuracy in extracted fields

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