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Leapfrog data management with Data Analytics

Execute data-led digital transformation much faster than building a traditional data ecosystem, with nearly noiseless delivery and minimal disruption

We use new-age data platforms and an end-to-end spectrum of data capabilities to bring about transformation through frictionless data hubs & data as an API utilizing the parallel computing and infrastructure of big data systems. Empower your stakeholders with greater access to data assets and analytics. We help you create a unified and analytical view of all your data to support proactive/predictive/prescriptive decision-making through end-to-end intelligent workflows.


Go From Ideas to Results with Our Offerings

At SLK, we partner with you from strategy to value realization. We help businesses develop analytical capabilities that reveal insights & foresight based on problem context and situation. Our data consultants approach each engagement with deep domain expertise, newer thoughts in data management and analytical tools, and an extensive repertoire of pre-built products and accelerators to rapidly discover hidden relationships and patterns.

Data Consulting Group

Leverage our expertise in strategy, enterprise data architecture, domain, and technology capabilities to conduct a thorough organization data maturity assessment, create joint innovation centers and a data Center of Excellence, perform environment and architecture assessment, and a product, tools, and framework evaluation.

Products and Accelerators

Our specialized products and accelerators created by our in-house experts help you speed up your transformation into a data-driven organization.

Services Lines CoEs and Specialization Units

Our specialized groups build on our expertise in Data Science, smart data and analytics, new-gen data governance, BI and visualization, and convergence technologies to cater to your specific business needs.

Smart Data & Analytics

Develop and enhance your big data strategy, BI and analytics, and use case identification, with our unique models and framework using data lake house, hubs, data as an API, data domains, and smart MDM, as well as dashboards and reporting with rich UI/UX and scorecards for KPIs.

Data Governance

Stay compliant and secure with our offerings for data profiling, quality, and lineage, data regulations and compliance, data stewardship, audits, and smart data governance.

Data Science

Harness predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive business intelligence with image and NLP-based data science solutions that aid efficient decision-making.


Our frameworks for smart data quality, smart MDM, automated data validation, audit balance control, DataOps, and DataScienceOps helps you save time and costs in implementing robust data solutions.

Accelerators and Tools

Our accelerators and tool such as iDM – intelligent Data Management, platform for citizen data scientists, data artistry for prescriptive analytics, data sage for predictive analytics, self-service ingestion, geo-spatial analytics, enterprise search and analytics, geo-marketing, master graph, digital customer persona, and data pipeline automation, help you run your data efforts with efficiency and speed.

Witness SLK in action

Building a Next Gen Data Warehouse

Data hub built on cloud and data exchange enabled between producers and consumers reduced the dependency on legacy core systems while utilizing the parallel computing of new-gen data systems.



No Dependency on Legacy Mainframe System

The SLK advantage

Data Democratization through Data Hub

Data hub with right data storage in standard data domains as per industry standards, access to right stakeholders


Create the right data strategy and architecture suitable for cloud environments to increase ROI.


Integrate and scale your business intelligence and digital transformation efforts. Use data science, predictive & prescriptive analytics, and data visualization to gain meaningful insights & foresights.

Minimize Time and Effort

Bring down data management efforts from years to a matter of months. Leverage our frictionless, near noiseless, and focused approach to data analytics.


“At SLK, we believe in the power of data in driving business transformation. We use data as the fuel and data science as the accelerator to drive customer success in the new economy.”

– Nagesh K P

Head – Data & Digital

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