Real-time Financial Health Data to Navigate Banking Turbulence

Banking crises have been triggered around almost every economic downturn in the global economy. This is mainly due to a lack of visibility on the financial health of banks’ investments and timely corrections in the investment portfolios. It has led to solvency and liquidity crises for many banks, resulting in 564 bank failures in the USA alone between 2001 and April 2023 (FDIC, USA). These crises can be averted easily by strong governance of a bank’s investments and visibility of its financial health.

SLK has helped banks and financial institutions build data management and monitoring systems that can be used to assess the institution’s financial performance in real-time. Data engineering, automation, and real-time analytics can help banks strategize their financial health management and enable operational security, among other applications.

The whitepaper explores the development of data management technologies and how they can provide incremental benefits to financial institutions through real-time visibility and analytics. Download the whitepaper to gain insights on:

  • Leveraging real-time reporting and analytics for banks and financial institutions
  • Data hub technologies, data maturity of an organization, and how they can be implemented
  • Intelligent data technologies for predictive analytics and forecasting

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