Why not elevate quality assurance to business outcomes
Assure impact with quality solutions that enable stable, predictable, available, and secure products

Drive consistent
value with
Business Change Assurance

Ensure quality for the end user while also linking quality assurance to superior business results

When it comes to quality, you need to start thinking beyond the product or application, to help your business adapt, survive, and thrive in a changed environment. At SLK, we help link quality engineering to larger business goals with intelligent automation, AI, and analytics, so you can get the right insights to enrich business processes and build exceptional products and services.


Go From Ideas to Results with Our Offerings

At SLK, we use our seasoned frameworks to assess your quality engineering program and recommend optimal solutions using our matured Discovery Framework and Toolkit powered by Integrated Lean and Six Sigma Techniques. We also build robust and distributed test suites to identify performance and security bottlenecks.

Functional Assurance

Get domain expertise in setting up standard QA practices to ensure optimal performance of the services/products.

Non-Functional Assurance

Achieve performance and security with SLK’s Centre of Excellence for non-functional test practices. Get access to accessibility, usability, compatibility, and interactive voice response testing.


Improve productivity, quality, and time to market with multi-flavored automaton and a hybrid framework.

Witness SLK in action

Transformed quality engineering for a Fortune 500 property and casualty insurer

Find out how SLK deployed automation enabled quality engineering to overcome unstable IT systems and poor business outcomes.


Functional covergae


Reduction in defect slippage

The SLK advantage

Move beyond labor arbitrage

Improve quality and ROI with intelligent automation.


Respond quickly to adverse events or market shifts.

Automation that keeps on giving

Stronger business outcomes over time with reducing costs.

Outcome-based pricing

Process ownership that delivers upfront value and long-lasting impact.

“Organizations are fast embracing DevOps and product-centric development to continuously deliver value to business and customers. This calls for left shift and lean start-up principles and engineering excellence with automation across the life cycle. A QA organization needs to be agile to ensure continuous testing and continuous reduction of cycle time to drive quality at speed.”

– Prasanna Harish

Head – Quality Assurance

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