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How to evolve banking to meet and exceed digital needs?

We show you how. Effortlessly deliver simple, seamless, and secure experiences that delight digital native customers.

Modernize the way you deliver value with Salesforce Enterprise Service Applications

Maximize your outcomes from Salesforce as you transition into a decisive digital enterprise

As businesses of the future, organizations must build the ability to respond to changing market dynamics and keep pace with what their customers expect. And this requires an agile and informed transformation. Uncover the right automation strategy for your business with Salesforce and transition into the Cloud with ease and zero business disruption. Our expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem can help your organization drive sustained growth, build the ability to scale, and create future-proof resilience.


Hyper automation and business transformation for a US regional bank



120 FTE

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Find out how we helped a regional bank in the Midwest region of the United States shift from cost reduction automation to multifold automation strategy for agility, speed and risk containment. Our CoE team used a hyper-automation technology suite to accelerate process discovery and overall automation and deliver various benefits:


Go From Ideas to Results with Our Offerings

At SLK, what matters to you, matters the most. We help organizations build innovative and outcome-driven Salesforce strategy roadmaps customized to business objectives. You will realize the most of your Salesforce investments and will be able to move forward at the speed of your customers’ expectations. Our customized approach to building an automation strategy allows businesses to scale and achieve business value quickly.

Transform Your Business

Design your Salesforce strategy and roadmap with our services for conceptualization and solution design, customer experience improvement, mergers, and acquisitions, and change management assessment and recommendations that help you architect the solution with the right product and customization mix

Response at the Speed of Change

Be ready for the dynamic market with our services for business process discovery, automation, and standardization. Speed-to-market through agile, out-of-the-box implementations that come with continual value-based delivery and minimal customization

Scale for the Future

Maximize the benefits of scale through the low code Salesforce platform. Build custom applications, features, and processes to match the needs of your business through a data-driven build or buy analysis

Cloud Implementations

Choose from Salesforce’s Sales, Service or Community Cloud implementations, as well as those for FSC, nCino, Marketing Cloud, Conga and support to augment your applications for the long run

Custom Development

Leverage custom development on, Lightning migration, as well as multiple strategies for integration, upgrades, and support to enhance your Salesforce ecosystem

Salesforce Accelerators

Reap the benefits of faster deployment with our Salesforce accelerators such as the Paycheck Protection Program, Wealth Management: Prospect Identification, Product Recommendation, Customer Onboarding, Customer 360, Lead, Account and Case Management, Resource allocation, Billing vs Booking, Reports and Dashboards for CRM, as well as the Mortgage Loan Management System


Bringing together 280 bank branches through Salesforce-based digital transformation

In-depth case visibility


Increase in customer acquisition

Discover how we helped a regional US bank unify their teams across 29 locally branded divisions and 280 offices with a 360-degree view of each client and bring in digital transformation through SLK built an effective collaboration platform for proactive and personalized sales and service management – a single pane of glass solution with process automations to standardize business processes, with online portals for digital origination, collaboration, and co-ordination for sales and service automation.

The SLK advantage

Consultative approach

We help you align your vision for continuous success with a Salesforce strategy roadmap and assessment with recommendations and solutions with the right product mix


With 100+project and implementations encompassing all Salesforce products and business domains, SLK provides a rich mix of competency and capacity


SLK analyses business objectives against existing processes, identifies the gaps and then develops a roadmap for digital transformation

Time to market

We leverage our prebuilt solutions, accelerators, and rich experience to ensure faster time to market

Continuous improvement

We focus highly on the user adoption and constant improvement of the system and maintain existing applications with continuous enhancements

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“We strive to help you realize your goals and create outstanding customer experiences with Salesforce technology. Aligning ourselves to your vision to jointly discover ideas, processes, and discuss roadmaps to help you extract the full potential of the platform. Our endeavour is to make business automation possible for our customers.”

– Nripendra Tamang

Salesforce Practice Head

Drive business growth at scale

Drive business growth at scale