What if testing could propel your technology goals?
Assure quality across your entire technology stack, whether traditional or new

Build confidence in your stack with Technology Change Assurance

Whether it is cloud, IoT, social, mobile, or analytics, ensure it plays well with your existing stack

Don’t sacrifice quality to the breakneck pace of technological disruption. Assure performance as you embrace digital transformation. At SLK, we help our clients leverage automation for quality solutions that stay abreast of technological disruptions. Ensure your technology change portfolio helps you deliver impactful business outcomes, and comes with a governance process that helps you make the right decisions at the right time.


Go From Ideas to Results with Our Offerings

At SLK, we employ an end-to-end quality engineering approach to ensure that you leverage and deploy new technologies glitch-free.

Digital Readiness

SOPs for digital transformation initiatives focus on business logic validation with legacy and migrated environments. An automation-led approach for functional and non-functional testing delivers faster results.


Improve productivity, quality, and time to market with multi-flavored automation with hybrid framework.

Skilled Resources

Leverage the expertise of Cloud Architects, ETL Engineers, and certified Automation Engineers with experience across hundreds of automation programs.

Witness SLK in action

Technology Assurance for an Insurer

Find out how we helped a leading insurance with automation-led functional and non-functional assurance to support their modernization efforts.


Automation coverage achieved


Increase in speed of batch execution

The SLK advantage

Assured Automation

Maximized test automation

Anytime Release

Enable anytime releases with continuous testing

Test Cycle Time Reduction

Reduce the time to test from months/ weeks to days/hours

Comprehensive Test Coverage

Get comprehensive test coverage across heterogeneous environments

“On a transformation journey, the only way we have is to re-invent. Agility is the key for a sustainable business model. Our bot-assisted testing capabilities and automated business process testing helps our customers adopt a lifecycle approach to quality engineering at the threshold of digital transformation.”

– Prasanna Harish

Head – Quality Assurance

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