Reimagine IT Managed Services

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Discover what you need to embed resilience, intelligence, and intuition in IT infrastructure operations

The impact of COVID-19 left no business untouched, and the ripples continue to be felt across industries. Remote and hybrid work has become the norm, and cloud adoption is at an all-time high. As digital transformation continues to accelerate, managing the complexity of hybrid and dynamic IT environments is becoming challenging. More and more companies are turning to managed services for their IT infrastructure, and they are looking for some skin in the game. The key question for managed services is, “what are the outcomes you can deliver?”

We see this as an opportunity for MSPs to reimagine their services. In this webinar, we will explore how you can drive a transformation in your managed services to improve stability, productivity, and resilience.

Tune in to understand:

  • What are the new expectations from managed services
  • How MSPs can design future-relevant service offerings
  • How to build resilience, intelligence and intuitiveness in your operations and service delivery approach
  • How SLK’s differentiated offerings can bring in managed service transformation

Get to know the Speaker

Deepesh Y.K.
Intelligent Infrastructure Services Head, SLK

Deepesh has over three decades of experience in the IT industry across the banking, healthcare, telecom, and retail verticals. He has set up large infrastructure consulting, professional services, managed services, and transformation offerings for global customers. Deepesh specializes in advising and developing the strategic vision for outsourcing constructs. He has successfully led complex multi-year outsourcing engagements spanning applications and IT infrastructure – covering public/private/hybrid cloud services and on-premise/co-located DC and DR.
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