Create a new revenue opportunity with Banking as a Service

The lines between financial institutions and non-banking entities are blurring as more and more companies are offering embedded financial services within their product platforms. From wallet services to payments and short credit lines, organizations are now leveraging Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) to create seamless customer experiences and drive competitive differentiation

BaaS is no longer a good-to-have or a part of the hype cycle – it’s making real waves in financial circles. As more customers begin to use embedded finance and expect frictionless financial service delivery, banks risk losing customers due to limited interaction. BaaS offers incumbents and FinTech’s a chance to pivot toward a new customer base while opening access to better customer insights and shorter innovation pipelines. Smart financial institutions see that BaaS is here to stay and are racing to develop BaaS platforms of their own.

This whitepaper explores the possibilities of BaaS and how you can orchestrate this ecosystem for your unique needs. Download the paper to understand:

  • How the BaaS model works
  • What are the ways to orchestrate a BaaS ecosystem
  • Key considerations while kickstarting your BaaS journey
  • How to map your services across the BaaS lifecycle, and
  • The importance of API design in BaaS transformation

Download the whitepaper to take a bold step towards a new era of financial service delivery.