DevSecOps- Essential Foundational Need for all Development Projects Targeted for Multi-Cloud

Fulfill the essential foundational need for all multi-cloud development projects.

DevOps is now increasingly evolving to DevSecOps, a practice that integrates security with Development and Operations from the start. Traditionally, security was brought in during the test/deploy and operations phases. This often led to delays in application releases and deadlines because vulnerabilities were detected in the later stages of development.

SLK’s end-to-end security solutions combine deep domain and industry expertise. Our future-focused approach gives the confidence of a secure environment. It meets compliance needs – integrating seamlessly with other solutions and enabling automation of compliance checks and enforcement. It ensures that software is secure in two ways:

  • Through full end-to-end orchestration
  • Automation of the software development life cycle with Pipeline as code.

This paper will give you insights to help you understand:

  • Proactively identifying & notifying security issues
  • Vulnerability free environment
  • Transparency right from the development
  • Delivering robust and secure application
  • Reducing security operations
  • Eliminating the silos between security and DevOps teams
  • Improving end user experience and trust

Download the paper to take a bold step towards driving a positive impact on your profitability.