Guidewire Cloud Testing

Learn how you can accelerate development cycles with the GT Framework

For insurers around the world, Guidewire Cloud is more than a simple software solution; it’s a panacea for delivering innovative risk solutions to the market faster, better risk selection, superior claims management and operational efficiency.

But despite its tremendous potential to drive a positive impact on a carrier’s bottom line, Guidewire can be a tricky solution suite to implement, particularly on legacy systems.

We have worked extensively with insurance providers to optimize and deploy the entire suite of Guidewire platforms. In this paper we distill some of the lessons we’ve learned to optimize Guidewire testing with the GT Framework.

This paper will give you insights to help you understand:

  • Key areas where your guidewire cloud implementation may run into challenges
  • How to deploy a customized version of the GT framework to support testing for specific processes and business requirements
  • The SLK approach to successful Guidewire implementation

Download the paper to take a bold step towards driving a positive impact on your profitability.