Launch glitch-free new products faster with Test Data Management

Quality testing needs data – lots of it! For a product or service to perform glitch-free, it must be rigorously tested in all possible usage scenarios. But often, finding the data to test against is a challenge. Testers rely heavily on development and production teams to get access to test data – an activity that may take days and loses precious time.

And just timely access to data is not a challenge. There are data privacy, security, compliance, and storage issues too. Not to mention the need to make the data available across multiple test environments. Tackling these challenges can be cumbersome and costly. Some numbers show that the hidden cost of data management could be as much as 20% of total product development budgets!

You definitely need a better way to manage test data, and that’s where TDM comes in.

In this whitepaper, we explore:

  • How TDM overcomes test data challenges
  • The benefits of test data management
  • The five key pillars of TDM services, and
  • The three phases of TDM implementation

Download the whitepaper to get started on your TDM journey