Shifting from Engineered-to-order Processes to Configuration-based Manufacturing

Industrial customers requiring custom products from manufacturing have to go through a long, exhaustive engineer-to-order (ETO) process. It involves multiple dependencies on sales and engineering to close such an order. However, a closer look at these orders can help reveal patterns in customizations that can be used to develop a configure-to-order (CTO) system. In the new era of technology, automation of the ordering process can be easily achieved with CTO methodologies.

CPQ solutions by SLK can help accelerate CTO implementation across the enterprise. The configure, price and quote functionality delivers an exceptional customer experience and quickly closes deals.

The whitepaper outlines the CTO processes and details the level of complexity involved in:

  • ETO vs. CTO processes and adoption
  • Structuring products and the considerations involved to achieve it
  • Structuring Bill of Materials with multiple departmental concerns to automate quoting
  • SLK’s solutions to setup CTO processes and additional functionality of the tools

Fill in your details and download the whitepaper to learn more about empowering your business with CPQ solutions to enable CTO in manufacturing.