Collaborative IT Operations with AI-Ready-Infrastructure


Businesses worldwide are transforming at an accelerated pace, with digital technologies creating a shift in how they operate. This digital transformation brings advantages and benefits that all businesses intend to use and achieve better performance. However, most organizations are unable to realize their full potential due to a lack of synchronicity in their culture and operating models with the latest technology.

With cloud computing supported technologies like AI-ready infrastructure, the transformation requires a holistic shift in management, operations, team structures, and many other aspects of the business. This is required to work with the nature of technology and the methodology it supports. One such change is to introduce higher collaboration in IT operations.

DevOps is often used as the general terminology for IT operations but the teams are often divided into multiple categories. Network operations (NetOps), security operations (SecOps), and a combination of these are commonly found in many organizations. Modern cloud infrastructure, especially those that intend to use data analytics and artificial intelligence, require a greater integration among the operating systems and this must reflect in the DevOps practices as well. But how does IT operations management depend on and enhance the working of the technologies in use? Here’s a brief.

Centralizing data from the sources

An AI-ready infrastructure is highly dependent on reliable and standardized data. While most data is generated by the services, operations management is also a source of data that can not be ignored. However, if IT operations work in distributed siloes, the data generated by them and other operations will not enable the utilization of artificial intelligence or analytics for agile operations. Centralized data collection and capturing utilizes standardized operating models and tools. In turn, they enable simplification and greater coordination between operations. In a highly collaborative environment, generated data is much more insightful and captures correlations better.

Here, it is evident that agile operations management is foundational to achieve the true potential of smart, data-driven technologies. In turn, the data can help enhance their efficiency and management to drive greater agility.

Integrated toolchains and automations

Toolchains form an integral part of AI-ready infrastructure and the cloud platform in general. Many of these integrations and tools allow automation of testing, security monitoring and reporting, data management, analytics, etc. However, integrating and using these tools requires highly focused developmental practices that encompass all aspects of IT operations. Agile operations management can be achieved using these tools but the optimal selection and configuration of the tools also requires collaborative planning and operational shift within the teams.

The dependency of the technological capabilities and IT operations can not be ignored. A more integrated and functioning infrastructure requires an equally collaborative operations management.

DevSecOps and In-Sprint Practices

The baseline for AI-ready infrastructure is the ability to drive agile development with built-in security practices. In-sprint development demands that an agile DevSecOps pipeline is integrated and IT operations planned around it. Siloed operations are incapable of achieving in-sprint development and are often plagued by bottlenecks in development and testing. Truly agile environments are as much of a technical ability as it is an operational aspect.

The connection between collaborative IT operations management and cloud infrastructure run deep in the systematic approaches in both.

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Artificial intelligence is the future of IT operations but to enable the technology, AI-ready infrastructure and agile process must be setup. Collaboration in IT operations management should be aimed at creating a singular team with distributed specialists that can create the required foundation. Agility is not just a milestone but also a highly profitable management goal that support and help organizations achieve new heights.

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