Shaping New Industry Paradigms with AI

Intelligent, autonomous enterprises are the future. At SLK, we lead the charge in helping our clients reimagine their businesses with an AI-first approach. We leverage Generative AI models in tandem with our comprehensive suite of AI-driven products to drive adoption at scale. We believe looking at business from an AI lens can unlock unprecedented value by accelerating innovation, boosting efficiencies, optimizing processes, and driving growth and profitability.

Case Study

AI-driven data extraction makes new policy issuance 10x more efficient

Intelligent automation helps one of the world’s largest P&C insurers accelerate new business intake while improving conversion ratio and net promoter score.


Reimagining the Future of Banking with Generative AI

Embrace agility and seize your future. Unravel the secrets of agility in banking, offering you a roadmap to transform your operations.

Case Study

Intelligent Fraud Prevention and Analytics

A new data-science model for a Fortune 500 insurer helps identify fraud and protects the bottom line.


Transitioning from Paper-Based to Fully Digital: The Revolution of AI in Underwriting Processes

Embrace agility and seize your future. Unravel the secrets of agility in banking, offering you a roadmap to transform your operations.

Challenge the status quo to achieve peak performance

The most extraordinary breakthroughs are born from daring to defy the status quo. We take on complex business problems head on and solve them at speed. See how we have helped our global clients achieve peak business performance by leveraging our unique technology solutions and IPs.

Financial Services

Retirement app increases digital engagements by 90%

Boosting retirement confidence

The fastest Fortune 500 entrant in the Retirement Savings space wanted to simplify retirement planning and improve customer engagement. We co-created the Retire mobile app – an easy, secure, and convenient way to access and manage retirement accounts in one place. This digitized retirement plan management led to a 90% increase in user engagement and helped people save more and retire confidently.



Intelligent infra saves 35% in operational costs

Infra Automation for High Performance

In complex technology landscape IT teams are drowning in the volume of alerts. They need infrastructure that is agile, flexible, modular, scalable, and high performing. A leading regional bank in the US wanted to move away from a resource-intensive model to a centralized middleware platform to host their applications. We implemented the platform to enhance utilization, availability, reliability, and security across all their banking business applications.



Transitioning from Conventional BPO model to Digital Operations

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Are you ready to revolutionize your business operations? Say goodbye to traditional Business Process Outsourcing and embrace the power of Digitized Operations. Watch our OnDemand webinar on the transition, benefits, and the future of Digital Operations!



Kickstart your journey to Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Pivot to a new customer base with BaaS

BaaS is no longer a good-to-have or a part of the hype cycle – it’s making real waves in financial circles. As more customers begin to use embedded finance and expect frictionless financial service delivery, banks risk losing customers due to limited interaction. Smart financial institutions see that BaaS is here to stay and are racing to develop BaaS platforms of their own. This whitepaper explores the possibilities of BaaS and how you can orchestrate this ecosystem for your unique needs.



Smart cold chain monitoring for 8% higher profitability

Create robust and profitable

A fortune 100 manufacturer wanted a solution that could monitor cold-chain containers and deliver real-time actionable insights to shippers who can take preventive action to minimize losses. We co-create a cold chain monitoring solution and built it on the Microsoft Azure Services Platform with end-to-end solution ownership. Our algorithms processed device data from 600,000+ containers to predict faults before a breakdown happens.


Modernizing for a Future Ready Core

Digital dominance starts with the right foundation. Core modernization is a mandate for businesses looking to stay agile, responsive, customer-centric, and resilient. Get digital-ready with seamless, zero-disruption migration of legacy technologies.

Data-led digital transformation for 250% increase in new accounts

Unlock legacy mainframe data from core systems with an enterprise data platform

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Migrated 1.5Mn lines of code for a Fortune 500 insurer

Moving to the Cloud at 2x faster augmented conversion

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Take a strategic approach to modernization

Overcome challenges of technology debt and accumulated data stores

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Migrate mainframes to the cloud

Create a next-gen systems foundation for swift digital transformation

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8-step plan for seamless legacy migration

Migrate legacy apps and data from on-premises to the cloud without hiccups.

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