Intelligent Infra enables operational cost saving for a leading regional US bank

Intelligent infra enables 35% operational cost savings for a leading regional bank In the US. SLK leverages Infra Automation to transform banking web infrastructure and save over $750,000 while reducing downtime and time-to-deploy applications.

Case Summary

The client was a leading regional bank in the US providing Retail, Commercial, Investment, and Private Banking services. The bank was looking to increase its operational efficiency and reduce costs to service all its business units by implementing and managing a centralized middleware platform to host their applications. SLK implemented a centralized enterprise-level middleware platform, resulting in 35% operational cost savings.

The Challenge

With a resource-intensive model in place to service its business units, the bank faced a multi-pronged challenge to enhance its quality of service, control costs, reduce human errors, and go live in time. To resolve the challenge, the bank looked to centralize its middleware platform. In doing so, the bank aspired to increase platform utilization, improve reliability and reduce operational costs by enabling its business units to host their applications on the middleware platforms without any hassle. The bank sought a partner to establish, build, and support the middleware platform to achieve this.

The Solution

SLK partnered with the bank and formed a Platform Service Team (PST) to implement the centralized enterprise-level middleware platform, host all applications for the business units and manage the entire environment.

SLK’s multi-skilled team of experts took control of the existing platforms and built new platforms in line with industry standards and best practices to meet the growing business demands. The efforts resulted in enhanced platform utilization, availability, reliability, and security across all their banking business applications.

  • Shared platforms to reduce the license and enhance the usage
  • Knowledge Management with SOP, system architecture, platform  on-boarding templates, and asset management
  • Automated platform builds
  • Self-healing to reduce system down and tickets volume
  • Quick on-boarding to manage business demands
  • Secure platforms as well as applications as per defined policies
  • Zero downtime even while handling critical upgrades and migrations
  • Automated maintenance processes such as patching by removing manual interventions and dependencies
  • Implemented an Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline to automate the build and release process that allowed app functionality validation in multiple servers in the environment. This reduced the time to go-live and eliminated human errors

Business Impact


Operations cost reduced on the overall middleware platform support


Reduced time to onboard the middleware platforms by reusing the platform build automation done by PST


More middleware platforms accommodated within the existing operations cost by leveraging the PST capabilities and automation

Reduced application downtime for patching from 30 min/app environment to lesser than 5 min/multiple platforms with a total savings of $38,750

On-demand releases enablement coupled with reduced downtime resulting in savings above $725,000