Boosting Sales with Increased Customer Confidence

3D visualization improves customer satisfaction and conversion rates for a Fortune 500 manufacturer leading to 30% increase in online sales.

Case Summary

A Fortune 500 manufacturing and technology company wanted to streamline its customer ordering system and remove obstacles that deterred customers from making a purchase. SLK re-imagined the customer journey creating an immersive experience that boosted customer confidence, reduced time to order, and increased sales.

The Challenge

The client, with $20 B in revenues, over 100,000 employees, and 235 manufacturing locations worldwide, offered a wide range of products across industries. SLK had previously implemented a self-service module that helped the client’s end customers to configure complex products online before purchasing them. However, customers frequently second-guessed their configuration and sought the sales team’s intervention to help make their purchase decision. This lengthened the sales cycle exponentially and kept the internal sales team occupied, resulting in unnecessary delays and decreased customer satisfaction.

End customers wanted 3D visualizations of their configured products to evaluate them before making a purchase. Rather than create a resource-intensive process that relied heavily on experienced engineers, the client decided to extend the self-service module SLK had previously built.

The Solution

SLK partnered with the client to simplify the purchase process using a web-based, scalable product configurator with 3D visualization capabilities that could render the output that customers required with little to no human intervention. This immersive experience puts customers in the driving seat with its e-commerce functionality and easy-to-use interface.

Client provided the existing 3D engineering drawings of their products which SLK’s platform converted into web-ready files that can be rendered without any requirement of a plugin. With an onetime easy mapping of configurable options to parts and assembly points, Client was quickly able to host 3D product configurator. Then, as customers configured the product, the system would render 3D product visualization, ensuring that customers had an in-depth view of their configurated products and could make a purchase without hesitation.


Increase in online sales


Reduction in time spent ordering

Enhanced visualization capability for better customer confidence

SLK’s Efforts Showed Quick Results:

SLK’s immersive 3D visualization platform boosted customer confidence and satisfaction.

  • Higher conversion rates through the self-service model enabled the client to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Within two years of implementation the solution led to a record-breaking 30% increase in online sales
  • With little to no dependency on a sales representative to intervene, time spent ordering a product reduced  by 20%
  • Higher customer confidence ensued from better user experiences, detailed 3D visualizations, and price validations before making a sale, resulting in higher customer satisfaction