Efficiently Manage A Growing Business With Intelligent Infrastructure


Intelligent infrastructure and cloud computing has become the cornerstone of businesses globally. Most new businesses and startups invest in cloud infrastructure services and management instead of legacy technologies. The primary reason is the low-entry barrier, liabilities, and distributed operational cost with out-of-the-box solutions to kickstart their business. The sheer disruption young and growing businesses have caused in the last two decades is a testament to the technological prowess of intelligent cloud infrastructure.

Looking at the distribution of startups globally, 7.1% operate in the FinTech space, 6.8% in healthcare and life sciences, about 5% in AI and Gaming each, and 6% in AdTech and EdTech combined. All these industries have achieved exceptional growth, partly due to their use of cloud computing and intelligent IT infrastructure. So how do growing businesses achieve so much with intelligent technologies and infrastructure management, and how to do it yourself? Here’s a brief.

Agility to Grow Fast

A key tenet for startups and growing businesses, in general, is the ability to experiment with new ideas and test products in the market. Intelligent infrastructure enables and supports agile practices that help businesses find their place in the market. While this is true for all organizations, startups and younger businesses have more to gain, as many test their strategy on a “fail faster to succeed sooner” philosophy.

Also, these businesses work with small, multi-functional teams where the DevOps and automation capabilities of intelligent infra provide a maximum operational advantage. The data integration and AI analytics also help them experiment and optimize their strategy for the market.

Thus, employing smart IT infrastructure will help grow your business with agility via:

  • Rapid go-to-market strategies to experiment with products and services
  • Support fast DevOps within limited resources
  • Data and AI analytics to improve products and centralize operations management

Scale Infrastructure with Business

A major challenge or entry barrier for new businesses is the initial cost of infrastructure services. Cloud technologies provide the flexibility to scale up and down per your needs, with billing sessions as low as hourly. Infrastructure management with intelligent systems takes this to the next level by automating the scaling based on real-time consumption of resources and predictive analysis. Employing AI-enabled automation is highly advantageous in such a scenario where the IT infrastructure can optimize its use based on predictions and workload.

For a growing business, this can significantly improve its bottom line savings and give its customers a reliable service environment. The distributed application architecture also adds to the efficiency of the system while serving as the foundation for intelligent automation.

Using intelligent architecture and capabilities of your IT infrastructure, you can improve business via:

  • AI-enabled automation for scaling up and down based on workloads and overall IT infrastructure management
  • Use historical resource usage data with predictive analysis to plan and optimize IT infrastructure budgets
  • Use AI analytics for the above and also to prioritize application, network, and system tasks like development, maintenance, optimization, etc.

Respond to and Collaborate with the Market

Young and growing businesses often find themselves limited by the market access and customer reach they can develop independently. However, intelligent cloud infrastructure allows you to expand and grow your business reach with external integrations and APIs. The ability to respond to the market through cross-service integration provides the much-needed boost to expand offerings. The technical agility combined with the extended reach can help businesses develop new lines of business or capitalize further on existing ones.

However, the biggest advantage of this capability is the low cost and practically direct reach to new markets or groups. Many startups have experimented with service offerings through partners before finding their stance in the markets.

Expanding your reach can directly impact your business growth, and the cost concerns are practically negligible with intelligent IT infrastructure.

Automation to Reduce Dependencies

While we have already mentioned automation in the infrastructure’s scaling capabilities, the extent and benefits of automation go far beyond it. Workflow automation can enable seamless and fast customer experiences while reducing dependencies on IT and human resources by up to 90%. Automation capabilities can be extended to testing, test data management, security monitoring, self-servicing capabilities, application management, etc. Intelligent infrastructure has the capability to be autonomous to a great degree.

Your business can achieve a high degree of cost efficiency in practically every aspect of operations. This will help free your resources to invest in other activities essential for growth. It also enables resilience and low-cost operations during tough times due to the extensive autonomy of the system.

SLK Software is a premier technology consultant providing intelligent infrastructure services and solutions. We have built AI-based systems in-house that can integrate with any system to deliver returns incrementally. Our solutions encompass our customers’ present and future needs with a growth-oriented approach.

Intelligent infrastructure has many more advantages that may not impact the business growth directly but are highly advantageous for an organization. Intelligent systems are designed to host AI-driven applications and functionalities; thus, you can be assured that any new additions and enhancements can be driven by smart capabilities wherever possible. Possibilities are limitless only if you have the right foundations to build them.

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