Enabling newer business models through human touch and experience

SLK optimized car appraisal process from 8 hours to 5 mins. SLK also enabled newer B2B leading to a 30% increase in sales.

Case Summary

The client is the third-largest car dealership and the largest multi-brand car retailer for new and used cars in the U.S. Multiple siloed channels made the car appraisal process cumbersome, affecting customer experience and sales. SLK integrated systems and built a responsive cross-channel solution for a seamless experience across devices. Our solution helped the dealer reduce appraisal time from eight hours to five minutes and increase sales by 30%.

The Challenge

The client was a leading dealer and retailer of new and used cars. However, their current system was highly inefficient, and the appraisal process to sell a car took almost eight hours. In addition, if a customer abandoned the process mid-way, they could not continue it on a different channel. Furthermore, redundant data and multiple inputs and applications per channel made it confusing and difficult to use the interface. Duplicate data for the appraisal cycle of the same car also made the system very heavy on the backend.

The client wanted to expand their single and multi-brand showrooms. They also wanted to enable direct B2C and B2B selling and create intuitive, human-like experiences. However, merging these different channels with different needs on a single platform that worked seamlessly across mobile, web, and showrooms was a challenge. Nevertheless, the SLK team was up to the task and ready to meet this challenge head-on.

The Solution

The SLK team got on board to build a new solution for the client. We enabled a new appraisal process that integrated 40+ systems to understand the health of the vehicle, accident history, insurance and repair details and provide an accurate appraisal value for the car in couple of minutes. We connected the appraisal process seamlessly across handhelds, mobile, displays, laptops, tabs, desktops etc., with our responsive cross-channel solution. The new system supported virtual and in-person appraisal processes across various form factors. In addition, we imbued the capability to give competing quotes in the system to stay competitive and to ensure that a customer does not abandon the appraisal process.

Business Impact


Increase in sales


Quicker GTM on all form factors


Appraisal closure

SLK’s Efforts Showed Quick Results:

  • Breaking siloes across multiple systems provided a single view of the vehicle information and reduced appraisal time from eight hours to five minutes
  • Smart, responsive, and interactive visualization across form factors based on user and device type improved customer journey and reduced instances of abandonment mid-appraisal
  • Multiple design variations for single and multi-brand shops, B2B sales enabled the customer to continue and complete the appraisal process across channels

Overhauling the system improved data integration, and human-centered design led to better customer experience and quicker deal closures, skyrocketing sales.